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To celebrate the 59th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China,known as National Day; on the week beginning the month of October,people will stop working all across the country of China.

During this "Golden Week" (September 29th to October 5th), almost theentire country will "shut down" and all everyone will go on leave tobe with their families, loved ones, and friends.

The official super card website announced the new appearance of DSONE at the end of last month.The main difference of the outpacking is the color,changed to dark gray.Absolutely, the inner packing has difference too.Let's have a further look.

Harmonious color-match of the inner packing.

Three languages using manual,including English,Chinese and Japanese.

Since 1987 the five yellow members of the Simpsons have become the most recognized family in the world. Its popularity is fostered a lucrative marketing campaign, and before long the Simpsons were in every facet of entertainment. It was only natural that they would spawn a series of video games. Unfortunately they are terrible on average, but with the movie on the horizon we decided to explore the best of the best.

5) Bart’s House of Weirdness - PC

Never tried this game? Well we can’t say that we blame you. Even by a hardcore collectors standards this is a hard game to come by. The manual has Dr.Marvin Monroe claiming that the game has deep sociological properties: “The elements found in this game are, in most cases, a social commentary of the state of our culture as seen through the eyes of a child of the Nuclear Age”. That may be a stretch, but when fighting Mr.Burns as a boss character and seeing Smithers grovel over him I did learn what the concept of homosexuality was at an early age.

4) Bart and the Beanstalk - Game Boy

There seemed to be a slight prejudice towards centering Simpsons games around Bart. I mean he’s practically in the title of every Simpsons game. However, it makes sense considering how video games were at one time marketed to adolescent males, and boy how things have changed since then. Along with the Sega Genesis, the Game Boy saw the greatest number of Simpsons titles released ; which were on average pieces of complete shit. Oddly enough the game that had the least to do with the tv show turned out to be the best platformer in the series.

3) Bart Vs. The Space Mutants - NES / PC / Game Boy / Genesis / Commodore 64 / Amiga / ZX Spectrum / Amstrad / SMS / Game Gear / Atari ST

Bart Vs. The Space Mutants was the original Simpsons video game, and by far the most widespread ( what the fuck is an Amstrad? ). The game wasn’t very well received by fans because it had little to do with the plot of the actual show, and was incredibly difficult. It still established the series into the digital world, and was a relatively fun title on the NES. Yet to this day I never understood how spray painting people and objects some how defeated space aliens. Are we to believe that they’re part of an intergalactic rival gang that a child can outwit?

2) Hit and Run! - Gamecube / PS2 / Xbox / PC

Any Grand Theft Auto clone will produce decent results, and Hit and Run is no exception. It featured similar gameplay to Simpsons: Road Rage, where the primary task is to drive around Springfield to accomplish various goals. Since developers seem to have creative difficulty in inventing villains, Kang and Kodos once again take their positions as the final bosses. Adapting a game from a series that has spanned over eighteen years, featuring hundreds of antagonists, and game creators seem to think these two green blobs are the most threatening things since Hitler.

1) The Simpsons Arcade Game - Arcade / PC

In 1991 The Simpsons Arcade Game was released to give humanity an unprecedented leap in happiness. Konami borrowed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game engine, after recognizing that they had already achieved perfection a few years prior. This game is also historically significant by being the first arcade machine I ever beat from beginning to end in a single play; costing me 13.50$ ( that’s 54 lives, dying nearly seven times a level ). After spending a child's fortune, I was certain that I would be rewarded for my efforts, and that some supreme secret of the Simpsons universe would now be bestowed on me. Instead, after watching the cast walk into the distance, the game jumped back to the first level only to be played all over again.

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PSP 3000, October 16th

Behold, the PSP 3000 that is to be launched in the 4th Quart of 2008: October 16th. It is scheduled to be launched in Australia, Middle East, Europe, etc etc, but not in Asia (maybe not that soon).
Thinking about it, it’s enhanced with a built-in mic, and a better screen quality that is supposed to be harder to scratch, and can deflect those pesky irrititating times when you play your PSP on the bus that turns toward the sunlight because the new 3000 can display a larger amount of colors.
SONY has declared that they would be releasing the PSP 3000 as a bundle with their partners, and the product will be bundled with Harry Potter, FIFA, Go!Messenger, Skype, and the usual (perhaps with other games).
Apart from all the new hardware stuff (including the new PSP button that you would have notice if you’ve watched the video closely enough), SONY has also declared that the new PSP is harder to hack.
Doesn’t that make you excited about getting a new PSP 3000 instead of the old 2000 (not to mention the fat)?

The most attractive feature of the handheld devices is that you can play your console everywhere at anytime if you wish, but you have to charge it when it is hungry of power, and at that time you should cold your playing ardor. Oh, shit! What do you have to do? Take some batteries in your pocket? or take your AC adapter by yourself? PSP is easy to achieve, but what about DS, DS lite and iphone?This time, we will show you a Blackhorns emergency battery charger pack, with the capacity of 1800mAh you can play much longer. Below we will show you some images of the battery pack, let's have a look first.

Thinking about that SHOCKii case and where it might get you? Indeed, we're thinking First Class Everywhere - on the airplane, in the best hotels, and even on a bullet train. That's how confident we are in the category of cases which we have been known for all these years. Nevermind the rest, just get the best! SHOCKii rocks!

Made from the very best of materials, and measured to fit like a hand-to-glove, SHOCKii fits into any living room. But be careful, it may overshadow all thats present to take first place and look when friends and relatives come by. There isn't any other like it. Not in this human world.

So how about a twin comparison? We pit our SHOCKii against the original and realised that not only are they mutually inclusive, it certainly adds on to the excitement to see such start contrasting colors in monotone. There will be more, I promise you. Very soon, in the not too distant future. Brace yourself.

SHOCKii - Official Full Wii Console Replacement Shell